2014-2015 Grant Winners

Educators in Unit 5 and District 87 submitted 104 applications requesting a total of $122,129.
The Foundation was able to award $36,327 toward 28 projects.
Since 1992, $550,613 has been awarded to support 656 projects.

Elementary Schools

Kimberly Taber, Hillary Wiggs, Susan Weeks, Nicole Milligan, Dana Wegner, Alma Sanchez, Guillermina Delgado, Emily Schimick ~ $2,793 El español del mundo (The Spanish of the World)

Cedar Ridge
Susan M. Layden ~ $240 ~ Math in the Real World
Megan Yaklich, Tracey Boyer, Sara Johns, Vanessa Lopez ~ $4,900 ~ Stamp Out Summer Reading Loss

Colene Hoose
Karen Mercer, Cathy Troyer ~ $375 Edible Classroom

Rhett Felix, Sara Stanek ~ $85 ~ Native Americans Alive!

Brenda Garrett ~ $1,855 ~ NO CHILD LEFT INSIDE
Dana Micks ~ $400 ~ Cool Tools for School
Kristi Sutter ~ $377 ~ Museum Box

Sugar Creek
Tara Bennett ~ $400 ~ Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site
Lora Boyd ~ $288 ~ “Step their way from A to Z”
Tracy Hitchins ~ $400 Light and Shadow Explorers
Susan Nicklas, Polly Swearingen ~ $388 ~ Postcards From Across the USA

Sheridan, Stevenson, Oakland, Washington, Bent, Irving ~ Leah Crews, Linda Schmelzer, Lisa Penner, Mary Eggleston, Mark Day, Karen O’Shea ~ $4,200 Music on “Feier”: Developing the Tuneful, Beautiful, and Artful Child

Junior High / Middle Schools

Helen Brandon, Michelle Nauman-Dicken, Kelly Slater, Cindi Johnson, Dusti Steiner,
Stacey Kennedy, Abby Murphy, Katelyn Wise ~ $340 ~Creating Future Meteorologists one Weather Station at a Time
Jayme Corcoran, Ian Crawley, D. Kay, K. Ayers ~ $2,200 ~ “Growing in Every Sense of the Word – A STEM Gardening Project”
Kathleen Irvin ~ $400 “The Inspiration of a Holocaust Hero”
Kathleen Irvin, Katelyn Wise, Jayme Corcoran, Robyn Cashen ~ $400 ~  “Serenity Space – Healing through the Fine Arts”
Carol Jackson ~ $4,316 ~ Visiting Artist : Art Mural Project

Jennifer Snyder ~ $664 ~ Fiction…In science, it’s all about connections!

High Schools

Monica Estabrook ~ $146 ~ Motorized Kinetic Art

Jeff Christopherson, John Bergmann, Mike Roller ~ $400 ~ Science Palooza – Hands On Science
Barbara Koski, Julie Trimpe, Claire Rybaraczyk, Caroline Fox, Trish Warner, Jenny Sokulski, Nicole Maurer ~ $3,000 ~ Hi/Lo Library – Literacy Library

Kevin Enderlin, Molly Stolfa, Don Whitman ~ $500 ~ Manipulating Photosynthesis In The Production Of Poinsettias
Rexie Lanier, Remy Garard ~ $400 ~ Book Bracket Battle
April Schermann ~ $3,500 ~ Using Robots to Teach Math and Science
Beth Smith ~ $1,260 The Mobile Museum Project
Lisa Tomlin ~ $300 ~ Bringing the Next Generation Science Standards to Life
Jeritt Williams, April Schermann, Barb Bush, Dave Weber, Beth Smith ~ $1,800 Beam Me Up Scotty!  Star Trek STEM

Monies for this award are provided by the Shirk Family Foundation

Colene Hoose
Kathie Brown, Christa Hoder, Margaret Nelson, Rylee Long, Karen Mercer ~ $9,995 ~ Big Designs by Little Scientists