2013 - 2014 Grant Awards

Educators in Unit 5 and District 87 submitted 102 applications requesting a total of $145,021.  The Foundation awarded $32,000 toward 48 projects.  Since 1992, $428,484 has been awarded to support 628 projects.

Congratulations to the following educators whose grants were approved to receive funding from Beyond the Books Educational Foundation:


Early Education & Elementary Schools


Christine Sewell – $1,292 – Chemistry in the Common Core
Christine Sewell – $1,240 – Making Math Meaningful



Karen Riccio – $2,000 – Bilingual Book Tasting


Cedar Ridge   

Heather V. Rogers – $145 – BrainPop Jr. for 2nd Grade Brainiacs
Doug Valverde – $300 – Bilingual Books for Bilingual Students Who Receive Speech Therapy
Lyndra Webb (Marielena Gozur, Amanda Zehr, Michelle Hardwick, Pat Ziebart) $2,437 – Inspiring Arts:  An

Introduction to Ballet


Fox Creek   

Susan Felix – $285 – Relax, Jack!
Nicole M. Henderson – $180 – Can You Hear Me Now?
Jamie Oliver – $300 – Hurdles for Healthy Ligaments
Amy Schumacher – $2,200 – Math Makes “Cents” When We Count for a Cause
Amy Schumacher – $298 – Saturday Morning Science Show
Amy Schumacher – $300 – Make Lessons Pop!  ABC, It’s Easy as 1 2 3
Amy Schumacher – $300 – See the World Through My Eyes
Amy Schumacher – $300 – Read and Ride to Accelerate Learning  



Colleen Moore – $300 – Wii in PE !!



Cristie Koechle – $300 – Rock Star Readers and Writers



Sara Stickling, Kathy Fitzgerald – $288 – Hardy Differentiation
Sara Stickling, Kathy Fitzgerald – $300 – Wireless Reading



Abby Schoolman – $635 – Race Across the States



Kelli Halsey – $696 – Not Just the Facts, Geography Too!


Prairieland/Sugar Creek

Marylynn Meredith – $1,615 – Oh, the Choices I’ll Make: Creating True-Life Art



Erin O’Grady – $625 – Calm, Collected, and Ready to Learn!


Sugar Creek

Tara Bennett – $290 – Make It Count
Tara Bennett – $293 – Stories Come Alive
Tara Bennett – $300 – If We Build It, We Will Learn
Lora Boyd – $289 – Snuggle Up to Literacy
Lora Boyd – $300 – Tikki Tikki Tembo
Tracy Hitchins – $299 – Active Exploration in Science
Tracy Hitchins – $294 – Audio Stories for the Classroom
Tracy Hitchins – $81 – Science Exploration and Discovery Through Technology
Staci Mandros, Beth Kelley – $950 – Lending Library
Staci Mandros, Beth Kelley – $350 – Summer Connections
Karen Showalter – $300 – Tell Me Again
Erin N. Sullivan – $149 – Count on Us!
Erin N. Sullivan – $296 – Let it Grow

Junior High/Middle Schools

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High Schools


Becky Frangella – $300 – Vocabulary Mart



Heather L. Budak, Mary Esther Baldwin, Julie Horton, Jackie Morrison, Kathleen Johnson, Laurel Litwiller, Karl Goeke, Cheryl Koth, Mirjam Schnabel – $1,833 – Success with Audacity
Barbara Koski, Brad Bovenkerk, Tyler McWhorter – $1,500 – Multisensory Shakespeare



John Bierbaum – $750 – Yearbook Shadow Boxes
Mary Jo Douglass – $296 – Bending Light
April Schermann – $400 – Closing the Achievement Gap – Algebra Success for All!    
Teri K. Wilson – $1,759 – iTeach iLearn

Beyond the Box


Ron Bass, Matt Willey, Abby Murphy, Suzanna Hutton – $10,000 – Moving Toward Academic Achievement  “Increasing cardiovascular fitness to increase academic achievement.”


Grant SummarY

“It has been known that physical fitness can affect the health of our students.  The better a students’ fitness in the five domains of health related fitness (cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition), the healthier these students will be both physically (disease and injury prevention) and mentally (better self esteem and self image).  However, new research is beginning to show that physical fitness, particularly cardiovascular fitness, has been beneficial in student learning in the classroom setting.  In other words, the more physically fit a child is the more likely they will learn more efficiently in the classroom, specifically in reading and math.


We have been piloting this project over the course of the last two school years with two special education teachers.  This project would allow us to expand this project and begin researching it.”


The Beyond the Box is made possible by the Shirk Family Foundation and administered by Beyond the Books Educational Foundation.