2017 - 2018 Grant Awards

For the 2017-2018 school year educators in Unit 5 and District 87 submitted 50 applications requesting a total of $105,401. The Foundation awarded $60,107 to 30 projects.  

Early Education & Elementary Schools


Christine Sewell  | $4,600  | Super Eclipse Activities to Launch Student Learning


Fox Creek

Susan Felix  | $327  | Burning Stuff



Beth Fletcher, Heather Damery, Nikki Dillow, Emily Kauten  | $1,821  | Fairy Tales are STEM-tastic!


Hoose, Oakdale, Fox Creek & Benjamin

Julia Beer, Lauren Romero, Katie Bruton, Kristyn Szwajka  | $4,998  | Pickin’ and A Grinnin’: Learning to String, Strum and Play



Nicole Bussan  | $398  | Paint a Bright Future
Kala Krueger, Joy Searby  | $4,659  | STEM Bins


Irving, Oakland & Stevenson

Maureen Svob, Pamela Hedger, JoLynn Plato, Trisha Thomas, Annette Langellier, Allyssa Svob  | $248  | Sharing Words of Kindness



Alycia Carroll  | $255  | Dare to be a Detective!
Rhett Felix  | $360  | Give Me a Beaker



Kristi Sutter  | $275  | I Survived: Experiencing History Through Game Development


Sheridan & Raymond

Amanda Carter, Ken Hamerlinck, Sonja Huddleston, Laura Cline, Caitlin Taylor  | $330  | Pocketful of Dough



Amanda White, Katharine Corley  | $3,000  | S.T.E.A.M. Stations…to go!


Sugar Creek

Karen Showalter  | $178 | Stories in My Pocket
Karen Showalter  | $322  | I Like to Move It, Move It!



Teresa Shaver, Misty Bagley, Lisa Ellis, Jeanne Batorson | $4,500 | 21st Century Classroom: Rethinking Classroom Design to Facilitate Student
Learning and Success

Junior High/Middle Schools

Evans Junior High School

Michael Jennings, Dana Curby, Nate Sefton, Jessica Flood, Dawn Kelly | $4,800 | Pedaling to Success


Parkside Junior High School

Beth Topping | $4,000 | Hip Hop Shakespeare

High Schools

Bloomington High School

Aimee Oxarart, Lauren Butts | $1,250 | Virtual Field Trip


Normal Community High School

Jordan Newton-Gonzalez, Jennifer Sokulski, Barb Koski, Benjamin Cardiff, Karen Walker | $400 | Learning Resource Geometry Supplies


Normal Community High School & Normal Community West High School

Justin Steve, Valentine Walter, John Bergmann, Jeff Christopherson | $4,997 | Biofuels to Save the Planet


Normal Community West High School

Devin Wilson, Dave Lehr, Vickie Kafer | $195 | 21ST Century Geometry
April Schermann, Kim Rohlwing | $400 | 3D Printing | Vehicle Engineering Curriculum
April Schermann | $599 | Capture the World in 3D ~ Using a 3D Scanner to Enhance Learning
Kim Rohlwing, April Schermann | $860 | Full STEAM Ahead – Math Class Makerspace Mobile Cart
David Weber, Lisa Tomlin | $900 | Biocomputing at its Best


Normal Community West High School & Normal Community  High School

Barb Bush, Laura Thomas, Amy Feeney. April Schermann | $1,200 | Light it up!
Jarrod Rackauskas, Michael Burt, Amy Enright | $2,400 | Alpha, Beta, Gamma…Radiating Science and Engineering Practice


Tim Franz, Dana Starkey | $3,390 | Virtual Business Accounting
Tera Hafermann, Rexie Lanier, Caroline Fox-Anvick | $3,500 | High School “Hot Reads”
Valentine Walker, Joel Swanson, Justin Steve | $4,945 | RO, RO for H20

Beyond the Box

Monies for this award are provided by the Shirk Family Foundation


Normal Community West High School & Normal Community  High School

April Schermann, Amy Feeney |  $10,000  | Taking Mathematics to the Next Dimension – Rethinking Common Core with 3D Design, 3D Modeling and 3D Printing


This project will not only allow mathematics teachers to teach students about the design process, but will also give students opportunities to refine various life skills such as collaboration, problem-solving, and perseverance while developing 3D literacy skills. Teachers will build 3D printers and learn to use CAD software to teach mathematics concepts from an entirely new approach. An intensive professional development 3-day training program will allow four math teachers to build a 3D printer (to keep for their school) and learn how to operate and maintain it; and a 1-day CAD workshop for ten teachers who will learn how to use software to design real world problem-based math lessons to gain the necessary skills to help empower today’s students to become the innovators of tomorrow.


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