How is the Foundation Structured?

Beyond the Books Educational Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) Illinois corporation that was formed in 1992. Its purpose is to provide a long-term, self-sustaining financial base that will annually fund innovative academic programs in District 87 and Unit 5 public schools. All work of the Foundation is accomplished by private citizens who serve without salary as the Board of Directors. Annually the Board elects officers and directors, reviews policies and practices, evaluates the funded projects and conducts a financial audit. The Boards of Education of Unit 5 and District 87 encouraged the formation of the Foundation and strongly support its efforts…a partnership for innovation in public education.  


What is the Process for Awarding Grants?

Each winter, educators in both District 87 and Unit 5 are invited to submit written grant applications that describe the project, method of implementation, cost estimate and the value of the program to students. A blind review of the applications is conducted by the Beyond the Books Educational Foundation Board of Directors and funding is awarded according to established criteria. The selected programs are implemented the following school year.        



What Kinds of Enrichment Programs are Funded?

The objective of Beyond the Books Educational Foundation is to fund innovative programs that enhance educational experiences. The Foundation is committed to educational excellence in the core academic areas, the arts and humanities, sciences, and technology. All age levels and areas of study are considered.



What is the Financial Goal of the Foundation?

Beyond the Books Educational Foundation is working toward establishing an endowment fund of $1,000,000 which will provide investment earnings to fund annual grants. The ongoing financial commitment of contributors to the Foundation can help our children and our community to become the best we can be.


How Can I Contribute to Beyond the Books Educational Foundation?
Where Do I Send My DonatioN

You may print, fill out, and mail Contribution/Pledge Card or donate online via credit card or PayPal.

Checks may be made out to:

Beyond the Books Educational Foundation

P.O. Box 908

Bloomington, IL 61702-0908    

Donate Online


Can I submit this for tax purposes?  

Yes, upon donating we will email you a confirmation receipt that will include information about your donation to the organization in the current year.



My employer has a matching program, what do I need from your organization?  

Generally, your company will have a form or process for you to fill out and you will need to include a copy of your payment receipt and/or acknowledgement letter from our organization of receipt of your donation. Please read the guidelines of your employer’s matching program for exactly what needs submitted.


Can I make an anonymous donation?  

Yes, you can. Please indicate that you would like your donation kept anonymous in your submission.


How can I donate online if I don’t use PayPal?

When you click to donate online you are taken to the PayPal form for completion but you have the option to pay via credit/debit card instead of signing into your PayPal account.


Does the organization have a physical location?

No, the organization is made up of community volunteers from both school districts and does not have a physical office building. If you need to contact us please reach out via email at:


Where does my donation go?

All donations to our organization stay local to support public education in District 87 and Unit 5 schools. Donations are deposited yearly into our endowment for growth and to help us reach our future goal of funding all qualified grants each year.


Can I make a donation to a specific teacher/educator?

You can make a donation to our organization ‘in honor of’ an educator and provide them with this card. The donation will be deposited to our endowment to help grow future funding of grants for any educator that applies and will support additional grants being funded over time. Each educator can apply for an unlimited amount of grants in the future so your donation will encourage them to keep applying.