2015 - 2016 Grant Awards

Educators in Unit 5 and District 87 submitted 100 applications requesting a total of $126,661. The Foundation awarded $43,799 toward 36 projects.  

Early Education & Elementary Schools

Cedar Ridge

Lyndra Webb ~ $161 ~ Listening to Bridge the 30 Million Word Gap
Ronda Batty, Jennifer Roop, Jean Silva ~ $1,440 ~ Bridging the Reading Gap with Take Home Books
Patricia Ziebart ~ $2,000 ~ If You Give a Library a Book… It Will Probably Want a Reader


Fox Creek

Shannon Hedman ~ $162 ~ Hands on Science!


Colene Hoose

Karen Mercer, Cathy Troyer, Kathie Brown ~ $1,101 ~ Green and Growing Classroom
Adam Zbrozek, Hoose PTO, ISU, LSAMP ~ $4,981 ~ LEGO Robotics Team



Joy Searby, Kala Krueger, Angela Cradle ~ $400 ~ Magnificent Magnets
Maureen Svob ~ $573 ~ Girls with a Desire to Inspire SHINE!



Nikki Giosta, Sarah Hull, Jill Jannusch ~ $1,917 ~ Math Workshop: It’s in the Bag
Nikki Giosta ~ $3,860 ~ Let’s See S’More Writing



Rhett Felix, Claire Current, Dawn Conroy, Shari Cooper ~ $350 ~ Let’s Get Dirty
Rhett Felix, Claire Current, Dawn Conroy, Shari Cooper ~ $350 ~ Oh, The Weather Outside Is….


Pepper Ridge

Bryan Schultz, Teresa McCullick ~ $450 ~ Exercising the Brain to Better Testing & Coordination
Shauna Gourley, Ericka Helgason ~ $817 ~ Wiggle While We Work



Kristi Sutter ~ $225 ~ Elementary Engineers



Chris Baldwin ~ $396 ~ Plan, Build, Discover
Katharine Corley, Erin O’Grady ~ $250 ~ Light Up The Learning and Watch the Ideas Grow!
Erin O’Grady, Lisa Ellis, Annie McWilliams, Amanda Obie ~ $2,322 ~ Can we feel it? Yes we can!


Sugar Creek

Tara Bennett ~ $210 ~ Problem Solving in Preschool
Erin Auskings, Heather Marcordes-Wheat ~ $390 ~ Pinch, Press, Pull and Play
Erin Auskings ~ $400 ~ The Rhythm of the Class



Teresa Shaver, Maggie Killian, Susan Anderson, Allison Scott, Denise Myatt,
Deb Hamm, Lisa Ellis ~ $3,660 ~ Learning Supports Lending Library


Washington, Oakland & Bent

Zach Freeman, Andy Jones, Lisa Molnar, Susan Anderson, Josh Oberts, Julie Hiles, Emily Schimick ~ $980 ~ Sphero: Preparing Students for Technology and Innovation in the 21st Century

Junior High/Middle Schools


Jake Owens ~ $120 ~ Data and Statistics of Monopoly
Maggie Kennedy, Butch Feltner, Romondo Youngblood, Matt Glim ~ $382 ~  Keep Calm and Learn On



Kathleen Irvin, Kelly Slater, Mary Passini, Tina Thomas ~ $400 ~ Technically Speaking, Its Shakespeare!



Michelle Glatt ~ $398 ~ IMC means Incredible Makerspace Center
Katherine Brown ~ $1,615 ~ Transforming Literature into Old Time Radio Broadcasts



Jennifer Ritchason, Martha Kindred, Pam Isaacs, Becky Montgomery, Amy Dabler, Michelle Pilon, Shawn Anderson, Amber O’Day ~ $2,600 ~ Discover the World at your Fingertips on Discovery Education!



Shawn Schwerman ~ $1,000 ~ Quench Your Thirst for Facts

High Schools


Trisha Warner, Bob Koski, Meghan Hawkins ~ $324 ~ ChickLits at Lunch
Meghan Hawkins, Katie Lopez, Trisha Warner, Dr. Richard Hughes (ISU) ~ $390 ~ Teaching Social Studies with Graphic Novels

Jeff Christopherson, Mike Roller, Building Chairs ~ $400 ~ Quizlet – Online flashcards, games, study tools
Meghan Hawkins, Trisha Warner ~ $1,500 ~ The Statecraft Simulation – Crafting a Perfect World



Lisa Tomlin ~ $290 ~ How Does DNA Do That?



Dr. Valentine Walker, Joel Swanson ~ $4,934 ~ Troubled Waters Under Our Feet


Joint Unit 5 and District 87

Sugar Creek & BHS

Tracy Hitchins, Brian Hitchins ~ $2,051 ~ Students as Scientists and Teachers

Beyond the Box


Michael Jennings, Dana Curby, Nate Sefton, Michelle Dellamarie, Dawn Kelly  |  $10,000  |  “Taking Physical Education to New Heights!”


The goal in physical education is to promote active and healthy lifestyle choices by offering a variety of activities and experiences to give ALL students an opportunity for success.

This grant will fund a vertical rock climbing wall in the gym to support a new rock climbing unit in our PE classes.  The unit will include activities to develop physical, cognitive and social emotion skills, individual strength (mental and physical), team work, cooperation, and problem solving.


Grant collaborators are Rockwerx (custom designed modular panels), Unit 5 maintenance staff (installation), and the Upper Limits (contribute equipment, demonstrations, discounted rates for students and staff at their facility and will train and certify PE staff in climbing, belaying, and teaching belaying).


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